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Angels are beings of Light.  They are Divine Messengers who, together with our Guardian Angels  and Ascended Masters, want so much to help humanity at this time, with their healing and guidance, as we progress through the process of Ascension and the many changes our beautiful Planet is undergoing at this time.  Angels are always there for each one of us, regardless of any faith or creed.  Why not learn more? 

'An Angel is not a human being but is a great force, a power.  It is concentrated in a form which you can understand.  So the form is that of a very illumined being.  These Angelic forces are emitting great streams of Light from the head and shoulders. So, if you see Angelic beings you will know that what appears to be wings are forces and streams of Light'. (White Eagle).



Heike Rann (SNHS Dip.(Colour Therapy)

Master Teacher - The Diana Cooper Foundation for Teaching Courses in:

Angels, Ascension, Atlantis, Lemurian Healing

NFSH Healing Diploma

Vortex Healing Certificate

Angel & Ascension Teacher

Atlantis Teacher


Colour Therapy

One-to-One Angel Guidance

Monthly Angel Meditation Evenings