Angel & Ascension Guidance - Angelic Reiki Healing

Become aware of the Angels in your life


I was born in Hamburg, Germany, but have lived most of my adult life in England.  I have always felt there is 'more to us than the physical' but it was when joining my first meditation group over 15 years ago that I consciously started on my inner growth path.  I then joined the School of Insight & Intuition in Richmond, London, where I studied psychic growth, personal development and healing (NFSH based) over a period of 6 years.  It was whilst working as a healer that I became aware of the Angelic energy which is available to us all, regardless of colour or creed.

My next step was intended to be obtaining a Certificate of Education to be a teacher at the School in Richmond, however my inner guidance prompted me to embark on Diana Cooper's certificated courses on Angels, Ascension and Atlantis, and I feel privileged to have received the relevant teaching certificates. I also now hold a Teaching Certificate for Lemurian Healing and a Colour Therapy Diploma (S.N.H.S. Dip.) 

I cannot now imagine my life without working with Angels on a daily basis and am very enthusiastic to encourage others how to work with Angels in their everyday lives and feel the presence of their Guardian Angels, through facilitating weekend or evening workshops and running the teaching courses.  I also very much enjoy working on a one-to-one basis by offering Angel guidance consultations.

 It soon became apparent to me that our inner growth learning is infinite - my journey continues.  I have completed the certificated Master Teaching course at the Diana Cooper Foundation, enabling me to teach others to become Angel/Ascension/Atlantis & Lemurian Planetary Healing  teachers and run their own workshops.   Also, I have completed an 'Awakening Your Light Body Course'  and Radiance Course at the School of the Living Light in Somerset,  where I am now with a group working towards Ascension. My latest venture is becoming a Master/Teacher for Angelic Reiki Healing.   My studying is ongoing.