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Archangel Michael's Prayer for Protection


"I call upon the power and presence of the Archangel Michael, the Archangel of the South, the Archangel of the element of Fire.  Hero and warrior of God, hear my prayer.  Shine forth and shield me, protect and guide me, be my champion and safeguard me as I walk upon my path of Light.  With your sword of flames, with your wings as shield, beat back all darkness and misunderstanding.  Beat back all that seeks to obscure my way.  That seeks to pervert my word.  That seeks to veil my truth, to pollute my integrity.  Shield my mind, shield my heart, shield my body, shield my spirit and my soul and through this shielding set me free.  Archangel Michael, I ask these things of thee, let them then be so, so mote it be, amen".

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)